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Dry Goji Berries

  • Dry Goji Berries
  • Dry Goji Berries
  • Dry Goji Berries
Dry Goji BerriesDry Goji BerriesDry Goji Berries

Dry Goji Berries

  • Product ID:Dries Goji Berries
  • Producing Area: Ningxia
  • Specification: 160/180/280/370/580/980
  • Shelf time:18 months
  • Product description:

Product: Dried goji berry
Produce Place:  Ningxia
Commodity: Dried GojiBerry 
Botanical source: Lycium barbarum L.

100% natural dried goji berry
no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no preservative
Apperance: small, red berry, ellipsoid grains
Odour: Slightly tart to sweet flavour



180 grains/50g;

220 grains/50g;
250 grains/50g;
280 grains/50g;
350 grains/50g’
380 grains/50g;



Moisture: 13% max
Storage period: 12 -18 months, keep in a dry and ventilated place
Packing: 100g/bag;250g/bag;500g/bag; 1kg/bag;5kg/bag;10kg/bag (food grade bag in carton box), or as clients’ requirements.


Nutrition Information:
Every 100g Goji Berries contains
Energy:                       1020KJ
Protein:                       12.4g
Carbohydrate:                  63.6g
Sugar:                         51.2g
Crude fiber:                    6.26g
Na:                            3030mg 

Health Benefits
1.    inhibits tumor growth and improves disease resistance
2.    Powerful anti-oxidant which extends life, and improves the memory
3.    Help normalize blood pressure and balance blood sugar
4.    Stimulates secretion of HGH (human growth hormone), fell and look younger
5.    Lowers cholesterol, keep weight
6.    Supports liver, eyes, kidneys and strengthens muscles and bones
7.    Relieves insomnia, headaches and alleviates anxiety and stress
8.    The Happy Berry is known to promote cheerfulness and brightens the spirit.

A good daily intake of Goji berries is 10-30 grams (a small handful). Goji berries may be used as snacks or mixed with recipes or smoothies like other dried fruits.
As a food, it is traditionally cooked before consumption. Dried Goji Berries are often added to rice congee, as well as used in Chinese tonic soups, in combination with chicken or pork, vegetables, and other herbs such as wild yam, Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis pilosula, and licorice root. The berries are also boiled as an herbal tea, often along with chrysanthemum flowers and/or red jujubes, or with tea, particularly pu-erh tea, and packaged teas are also available.





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